Corporate vision---to become the world's leading supplier of car refrigerator and technology leader


In terms of staff training

In an increasingly competitive world, in which the pace of change continues to accelerate, North Electron must strive for continuous innovation. Each and every employee will rise to the challenge of creating new value amid changes in the management environment, technology, society and the marketplace. With a spirit of challenge, we are committed to the continuous creation of new value. North Electron aims to continuously create new value, bringing about a prosperous future that fulfills the dreams of people throughout the world.



In terms of staff training

"For the industry to bring progress" and "work together to create, share results" as the core, and build a cooperative enterprise, science and technology enterprises, innovative enterprises. Strengthening organization construction and improving organizational efficiency, active organizations, active employees. Manufacturing first-class products, providing first-class service, first-class brand cast, cultivate first-class talent, to create first-class enterprises, making a first-class contribution.


Our guiding principles are

"Turning dreams into reality."
North Electron is a place for innovative thinking and creativity, where our dreams, our customers' dreams and mankind's dreams can become reality.
We want to contribute to the creation of an affluent, networked society that links together communities, businesses, families and individuals.