Canned beer is safer

Release time:2019-07-05

As for aluminum cans, like glass, aluminum is not very […]

As for aluminum cans, like glass, aluminum is not very permeable, so it is also an excellent material for storing beer. Interestingly, the inside of the aluminum can is coated with a special polymer coating, which is specially designed to inhibit the penetration of aluminum into the beverage, making the storage of the cans safer; because the aluminum content in the body exceeds the standard, it will lead to Alzheimer. And Parkinson's syndrome.
In any case, aluminum cans can be stored in full light and protected from light, making it a better protection than other types of packaging. In fact, we use glass, specifically colored glass, to store beer because it protects the beer from the sun.
Its practical plastics can also be made in the same color, but it may disrupt the order of the plastic recycling system. If the plastic beer bottle is amber in the same way as the glass bottle, it needs to add a layer of coating to protect the beer in the bottle, which is more difficult to recycle than the transparent plastic bottle favored by the soft drink industry.
There is another problem with plastic bottle packaging: they have no way to perform pasteurization procedures. After the beer is brewed, there is an important procedure, that is, after the packaging is completed, they are sent to a machine and heated with boiling water to kill bacteria that may still survive in the beer.
This guarantees the quality and safety of the beer and extends their shelf life. Glass bottles and aluminum cans are certainly not a problem at all, and the plastic bottles are hot on Baidu's boiling water.