Car refrigerator is suitable for both car

Release time:2018-11-16

The semiconductor refrigerator has two functions of coo […]

The semiconductor refrigerator has two functions of cooling and heating: in refrigeration, it is generally lower than the ambient temperature by 10 to 15 ° C, and its heating temperature can be as high as 65 ° C; in addition, because the compressor is not used, the semiconductor refrigerator is also energy-saving. Environmental protection, no noise, light weight and other advantages, the market price is between 200 yuan and 1,000 yuan. The advantage of such a semiconductor electronic refrigeration car refrigerator is that the price is relatively cheap, the use is convenient but easy to damage, and it is not cooled.

Semiconductor electronic refrigeration, also known as thermoelectric refrigeration, or thermoelectric cooling, is a refrigeration method that utilizes the "Peltier effect", and is known as the world's three major refrigeration methods with compression refrigeration and absorption refrigeration.

In 1843, the French physicist Peltier connected a wire at each end of the copper wire, and then connected the two wires to the positive and negative poles of the DC power supply. After power-on, he was surprised to find that a joint became hot. The other joint became cold; this phenomenon was later called the "Peltier effect."

The physical principle of the "Peltier effect" is that the charge carrier moves in the conductor to form a current. Since the charge carrier is at different energy levels in different materials, when it moves from a high energy level to a low energy level, it will release excess electricity. The heat. On the contrary, it is necessary to absorb heat from the outside (that is, it represents cooling).

The simple structure of the electronic refrigerator is: P-type semiconductor, N-type semiconductor, and copper plate, copper wire are connected into a loop, the copper plate and the wire only conduct electricity, the circuit is powered by 12V DC, and after the current is turned on, one contact is cooled (refrigerator Internal), the other connector is cooled (the radiator behind the refrigerator).

1. Simple structure, few components and convenient maintenance; 2. No mechanical transmission parts, no wear, no noise, long service life;

3, no refrigerant refrigeration (both compression and absorption), absolutely environmentally friendly;

4. The cooling efficiency is low, and the cooling temperature is greatly affected by the ambient temperature.

It is suitable for both car and home. Suitable for fresh-keeping storage and insulation of beverages, food, fruit, milk, red wine, low-temperature drugs, home, hotel, office, bar, student apartment, and driving (truck, taxi, bus, coach), travel, picnic, The best partner for camping and fishing people.