Car refrigerator market prospects are promising

Release time:2019-10-09

Abstract: The car refrigerator is a refrigerated cabine […]

Abstract: The car refrigerator is a refrigerated cabinet carried in a car. In recent years, it has become a popular new generation of refrigerating appliances on the international market. At present, the number of motor vehicles in China has reached 199 million, including more than 85 million vehicles, and more than 20 million new vehicles are added each year, second only to possessing
The car refrigerator is a refrigerated cabinet carried in a car, and has become a popular new-generation refrigerating device in the international market in recent years. At present, China's motor vehicle ownership has reached 199 million, of which more than 85 million vehicles, adding more than 20 million new vehicles each year, second only to the United States with about 250 million, becoming the second largest car in the world. In developed countries in Europe and America, car refrigerators are also a very common commodity because cars are already a must for every family and even everyone. Six or seven years ago, car refrigerators in South Korea have also begun to become fully popular, becoming a consumer goods on the car.

At the beginning of the new century, car refrigerators began to really enter the domestic market. Compared with those abundance of GPS, car audio, sunscreen, car refrigerators still belong to that kind of niche goods. However, in recent years, the sales volume of car refrigerators has grown rapidly, and the number of manufacturers has reached 30 in 1997, reaching more than 300 now, and the market prospect is promising.

When the car audio and video market faced pressure from the policy and the industry, the car refrigerator market gradually awakened and entered the market growth stage. Of course, the car refrigerator industry is also facing its own development problems during the development process:

First, consumers have cognitive problems with them. Compared with products such as car audio and video navigation, car refrigerators are still in the minds of consumers of domestic car owners, trying to try, and the stage to be observed.

Second, the compressor car refrigerator is relatively expensive. The semiconductor car refrigerator has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, no noise, light weight, low price (the market price is between 200-1000 yuan), and is currently the mainstream product on the market, but the semi-conductor car refrigerator entertainment is more than practical, just after the summer. The sub-zero temperature is not very cool, and will be replaced by a compressor car refrigerator with good stability and good cooling performance. The compressor car refrigerator has only refrigeration function, its refrigeration capacity can be -18 °C, it can be temperature-controlled and not easy to be damaged. Many high-end cars and heavy trucks use compressor car refrigerators, but the price is equivalent volume semiconductor. More than 10 times the refrigerator, the price is more expensive.

Third, sales are subject to seasonal restrictions. Summer is the peak season for demand, and the demand for winter is significantly reduced.

Although there are still many problems in the development of car refrigerators in China, such as non-standard competition, low brand concentration, and misunderstanding of consumers. However, with the increase of domestic car ownership and the living standards of residents and the change of people's consumption concept, the car refrigerator will inevitably usher in a qualitative leap.