Car refrigerator principle

Release time:2018-11-02

The car refrigerator is a continuation of the domestic […]

The car refrigerator is a continuation of the domestic refrigerator, and can be cooled by a semiconductor electronic refrigeration technology or by a compressor. Generally, the noise is less polluted. Simply plug the power plug into the spotlight hole while driving to cool the refrigerator.

There are two kinds of car refrigerators in the market, one is a semiconductor car refrigerator. Its principle is to rely on electronic chip refrigeration, using a PN junction made of special semiconductor materials to form a thermocouple pair, which produces a Peltier effect, that is, through DC cooling. A new type of refrigeration method with a cooling temperature range of 5 to 65 degrees. The refrigerator has the advantages of being able to cool and heat, environmental protection, pollution-free, small volume, low cost, no vibration, noise and long service life. The disadvantage is that the cooling efficiency is not high, the cooling temperature is affected by the ambient temperature, the cooling cannot reach below zero, and the capacity is small. The other is a compressor car refrigerator, the compressor is a traditional technology of the traditional refrigerator, the cooling temperature is low, -18 degrees 10 degrees. High cooling efficiency, ability to make ice, keep fresh, and large volume is the mainstream direction of the development of car refrigerators in the future. However, this type of refrigerator is heavier in weight, inconvenient to carry, and has a higher price. Compressor Car Refrigerator Compressors The world's main producers are Germany and Japan.