Craft beer is also gradually gaining favor

Release time:2019-01-28

Craft beer is also gradually gaining favor. In 2013, Pa […]

Craft beer is also gradually gaining favor. In 2013, Pan Dinghao founded his own brand “Panda Brewery” and has launched more than 30 types of brewed beer, and adjusted the beer mix according to seasonal changes. He told reporters that the consumable consumer groups are mainly white-collar workers, college students, international students, foreigners, etc. They are generally not sensitive to price, but are more concerned about the taste and quality of beer. He admits that although the domestic high-end crafts market is still in its infancy, he is very optimistic about this market prospect.

  The chief operating officer of Plett Brewery Co., Ltd. and the National Beer Association of Korea, Yin Yi, said that the World Beer Cup Contest held in the United States divides beer into 96 categories, but Asian countries such as China, Japan and Korea, and even the world. Most of the beer produced by most beer companies is just one of them, that is, Lager beer, which has a cool and refreshing taste. For consumers who drink this beer for a long time, the taste and taste of craft beer is quite impactful.

  “So far, most consumers still choose Lager beer with lower alcohol content and less irritability.” Yin Wei said that even in the United States, the world's largest craft beer industry, the market for craft beer is in possession. The rate is also only 12.2%. There are more than 70 craft breweries in Korea. Although they only account for 0.2% of the Korean beer market, they are growing at a rate of 30% to 40% per year, and the expectations for future development are also high.