Development of beer equipment

Release time:2019-03-09

According to the statistics of the international depart […]

According to the statistics of the international department, China's beer production has leapt to the top in the world since 2002. We are not only a big beer producer but also a big beer consumer. This has led to the development of self-brewed beer equipment, and the sales volume at home and abroad is getting higher and higher. Equipment is increasingly loved by domestic and foreign customers.
As we all know, the current direction of beer development is based on the word "fresh". Whether it is bottled or bulk, it is a magic weapon to win with "fresh". In the domestic market, with the wide application of science and technology, bulk beer is also used. The draft beer and bulk draft beer have gradually developed into the original pulp beer on the market. It belongs to the high-end products in the production of beer. Obviously this has the influence of the domestic consumer market advocating the original, fresher and healthier consumption concept. Consumer demand for personalized products is gradually increasing, and the market share of high-end beer is expanding.
With the continuous development of bulk beer, self-brewed beer equipment is more and more popular among customers. The development prospect of self-brewed beer equipment is very promising, and our company has a good reputation in the whole industry.