How to prevent turbidity in brewing beer

Release time:2019-04-19

1. Unfiltered wine, except CO2, measured turbidity at 2 […]

1. Unfiltered wine, except CO2, measured turbidity at 20oC, the reason for greater than 10EBC is as follows:
1. When the number of yeasts is >2 million/ml, it is easy to cause yeast turbidity.
2, turbidity caused by biological pollution (can make turbidity content greater than 400mg / L).
3. When the number of yeasts in the unfiltered liquor increases from 2 million to 5 million cells/ml, the pressure difference of the filter will increase significantly when the amount of diatomaceous earth added is constant per unit time. Large, in order to ensure beer turbidity, it is necessary to increase the amount of diatomite added.
2. To eliminate these adverse effects, the following measures should be taken:
1. Extend beer cold storage time
2, reduce yeast proliferation, so that the amount of yeast growth is reduced from about 4 times to 3 times, so that the number of immature yeast in the wine can be reduced (this can be achieved by appropriately increasing the amount of yeast added).
3. Speed up the cooling (making the yeast produce shock).