How to properly preserve beer brewed by small brewery equipment

Release time:2019-03-23

For those who love to drink beer, the most frustrating […]

For those who love to drink beer, the most frustrating thing is to buy a box of beer. It tastes different when you start the tasting. If you try some kind of beer for the first time, it is a pity that you may feel this whole life. Beer is a bad taste. Don't let yourself be ignorant of the beer storage method and you lose your qualification to enjoy the delicious!
  The basic conditions for beer storage are dark, cool, clean and hygienic. Store in an environment of about 10 degrees Celsius, and avoid the exposure of light, reduce the number of vibrations, and avoid turbidity.
   Many people are used to putting beer in the refrigerator. This is true, but because there is less space in the refrigerator, the beer is lying down or tilted. This is a bad habit of storing beer. Upright placement will prevent it. The beer is oxidized to maximize the deliciousness of the beer!
  In addition, keeping the foam in the beer is also the pursuit of many wine lovers. If the temperature of the beer is too high, the foam will be many but not lasting; if the storage temperature is too low, the amount of foam will decrease and the beer will have a bitter taste. The taste is not good either. In addition, the oil is the enemy of beer foam. If there is a little oil in the container of the wine, it will also eat the foam on the surface of the beer. There is also time to drink beer, it is best to wipe the oil on the mouth with a paper towel and then drink beer, this is also the secret to maintain the delicious beer!
  Beer can increase the blood supply to the brain, speed up blood circulation, effectively expand the coronary arteries, and accelerate the body's metabolism. In addition, the beer's ingredients also contain a lot of vitamins, especially B vitamins, these vitamins have a particularly good maintenance effect on the eyes, can protect eyesight. The organic acids in beer also have the unique effect of relieving mental stress and relaxing muscles. But also need to pay attention, don't be greedy.