Main steps for pickling beer machinery

Release time:2019-05-11

Pickling procedure: 1. Wash and disinfect all equipment […]

Pickling procedure:
1. Wash and disinfect all equipment pipes of the pickling system;
2. Back pressure of the yeast pickling tank with sterile air, and maintain a positive pressure throughout the pickling process;
3. Add the yeast sludge to the pickling tank, and measure and treat the yeast amount to about 70% of the full volume;
4, start stirring, at the same time can be filled with sterile air to eliminate carbon dioxide in the yeast mud;
5. Add a calculated dilute phosphoric acid solution under stirring, the volume is equivalent to about 1/6 of the yeast mud;
6. After the acid is added, stir evenly, and sample and check the pH;
7. Adjust the pH, lower the pH by adding more acid, or increase the pH by adding distilled water to bring the pH to 2.2-2.4.
8. Shake the solution at a suitable pH and maintain it at 32-.-40 ° C for a certain period of time. Maintain pH 1 at pH 2.2 and maintain for 2 h at pH 2.4.
9. Immediately after the treatment, all the mixed materials were used for inoculation.