Oxidation sterilization method for beer equipment

Release time:2019-03-15

Explain the oxidative sterilization method used in craf […]

Explain the oxidative sterilization method used in craft beer equipment. Sterilization is undoubtedly crucial to maintaining the flavor of beer. We will analyze the oxidative sterilization method used in beer equipment for you to understand how to sterilize beer.
First, oxidative sterilization
The oxidant can liberate free oxygen or allow other compounds to release oxygen. The oxidant acts on the amino, hydroxyl or other chemical genes in the structure of the microbial protein, causing its metabolic dysfunction and death. After each use of the yeast adder, it must be rinsed with water and soaked in hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) or bleach solution. Before use, rinse it again with water.
Second, tunnel type hot water sprinkler system
At present, tunnel hot water sprinkler system has appeared in beer sterilization. The system is mainly composed of a hot water supply, a sprinkler device and a beer conveying device, and is generally divided into several different temperature segments along the length of the tunnel. After the raw beer is bottled and sealed, it enters the preheating section of the sterilizer, passes through the sterilizing section and the cooling section successively with the conveyor belt, and then leaves the sterilizer from the other end.
Significant Opportunities: It is expected that the craft beer standard and related regulations will be introduced this year. The new policy will be in line with the current European and American policies. In the future, the small-scale brewery brewing beer can officially enter the market, and the craft beer industry will usher in a healthy development opportunity!