price of a car refrigerator suitable for selection

Release time:2019-08-24

So how much is the price of a car refrigerator suitable […]

So how much is the price of a car refrigerator suitable for selection?
In fact, the working principle of electronic car refrigerators is not complicated, and there are not many major spare parts. Small workshop-style factories can fully produce them. When consumers choose car-mounted electrical products, they should try to choose professional manufacturing and strong manufacturers. The professional manufacturers' production technology and product materials are exquisite and researched, and they are fully automatic production, which can ensure the products work stably for a long time. . If you choose the price of the car refrigerator below 100 yuan, this is similar to your own DIY, quality and practicality is difficult to guarantee, light a car refrigerator power supply is almost 100 yuan.

Before choosing the price and price of the car refrigerator, you should shop around. If possible, try to look at the physical products in the physical store. Serious comparison, exquisite workmanship and after-sales service are the words that the scorpion is marady and clear! The price of electronic car refrigerators is generally around four or five hundred yuan, while the price of compressor-type car refrigerators mainly depends on the performance of the compressor. The general machine with imported compressors costs four to five thousand yuan. Of course, the price of different car refrigerators of brand and capacity It will be different.