Production process of beer is unobstructed in the world

Release time:2019-02-23

“Beer has two attributes, namely limited creativity and […]

“Beer has two attributes, namely limited creativity and extreme freshness.” He Yong said that the premise of beer innovation is to ensure food safety, but not free to play. In addition, the quality of beer depends first and foremost on the freshness of the product. In order to maximize the freshness of the beer, the beer manufacturer often operates according to the principle of localized sales. At present, the overall layout of China's beer industry has been basically completed, but product innovation still needs to be further improved. "The current beer consumption is changing from 'drinking' to 'drinking good'. Diversified and personalized consumption demand makes some consumers' pursuit of imported beer more creative than their freshness." Say.

  Is the quality of imported beer better than domestic beer? He Yong believes that although beer has entered China for more than 100 years, it has not yet formed its own consumption culture, and it is easy to be imported and eroded by foreign beer culture. In fact, the production process of beer is unobstructed in the world. As an input industry, the Chinese beer industry is even more advanced than many developed countries. In addition, China's beer consumption is mainly based on social sharing, and the products are mainly based on light beer. The concentrated beer is used as a market segment and its application is relatively small. “But this does not mean that Chinese beer companies cannot produce it. It’s just that the current demand is not as big as you think."