Some cold knowledge about beer

Release time:2019-05-31

There is never a lack of alcohol in the Chinese food ta […]

There is never a lack of alcohol in the Chinese food table, but the attitude of drinking from the north to the south is still different. Like the case of guests drinking, the South is obviously more tolerant than the North, and they are very casual about their own and their guests. On the contrary, the northerners seem to have a philosophy of not being afraid of themselves and their guests, or simply not being entertained. Here is a small series to introduce some cold knowledge about beer, to ensure that even if you can not drink, at least you can pretend to understand wine!
1. Beer belly and beer do not matter, if drinking will lead to beer belly is no problem, but scientific research shows that the higher the degree of alcohol you drink, the easier it becomes into beer belly. Beer is just an alcoholic beverage with a relative alcohol content.
2. The standard definition of beer is: an alcoholic beverage with carbon dioxide bubbles produced by fermentation of malt. SO, the real beer must have three factors: malt as raw material, alcohol produced after fermentation, with carbon dioxide gas.
3. Beer is often divided into two types according to the fermentation method. The top fermentation and the upper fermentation method are collectively referred to as Ale, which is a relatively traditional beer; the lower fermentation and the lower fermentation are called Lager beer ( Lager), this is the product of industrialization.
4. Draft beer is more likely to cause weight gain than cooked beer because it is rich in microorganisms and nutrients are more easily absorbed.
5. There are always 21 serrations on the beer bottle cap. It is said that the number of serrations is less than this number, and the cap is easy to fall off. More than this number is not easy to open. This number of sawtooth designs began in 1892.
6. The country with the most beer per capita is Germany, with 138 liters per person per year~~ replaced with a fuel tank that can fill two and a half cars.
7. The world's most expensive beer is Vielle Bon Secours, which has a bottle of 500 pounds. This wine can only be found in a bar called Bierdrome in London, England.
8. The world's alcoholic beer comes from the Brewmeiste winery in England, with an alcohol content of 65%! ! ! This is clearly the rhythm of Hengshui old white! ! !
9. The world's largest brewing company is Amway Zebsch in the United States. Listening unfamiliar? You must be familiar with the biggest brand of his company, Budweiser. More than nine percent of the world's beer is owned by the company.