The Chinese beer industry

Release time:2019-03-01

Haitong Securities Food Industry analysts said that aft […]

Haitong Securities Food Industry analysts said that after the peak of China's beer import volume and amount reached its peak in 2014, it began to decline in 2015, and the growth rate in the first half of 2016 further slowed down. The average price of imported beer has been declining, and the average price of domestic beer has risen steadily, reflecting the increasing rationality of domestic consumers in the face of imported beer. It is expected that the market share of imported beer will not exceed 5% in the future.

  “The Chinese beer industry was the first high-level participant to enter the domestic and international synchronous competition after entering zero tariffs in 2003. Under the market economy law, supply always lags behind demand, if it is characterized by local and certain market segments. The future of the beer industry is not sloppy." He Yong believes.