The price of car refrigerators varies, how do car owners choose

Release time:2019-08-16

Every summer, the riders who like wild games and self-d […]

Every summer, the riders who like wild games and self-driving tour began to pay attention to the price of car refrigerators. The domestic car refrigerators are not popular. The riders don’t know the price of car refrigerators. Many online shoppers started searching for car refrigerators on the shopping network. The price, found that most car refrigerator prices range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, but some brands of car refrigerator prices are actually under 100 yuan, it is difficult to choose.
Choose a car refrigerator that suits you. You can't just look at the price of the car refrigerator. The key is to see the practicality! First of all, consider what you are going to use to refrigerate something with a small car refrigerator. It is a lunch box or a fruit, a drink, a fresh fish, a shrimp or a medicine, a sample, etc. These are all things to consider before you choose.
Like a rider who goes to work with his own car, if there is no refrigerator in the office, then choosing an electronic refrigerator is enough. The electronic refrigerator has a temperature range of 5-65 degrees. The electronic refrigerator can generally be used for both cooling and heating functions. Lunch boxes and fruits go to work, and it is ery hygienic to heat up at noon and then eat.
If it is necessary to keep fish and shrimp products fresh, then you have to choose a car refrigerator with a compressor, because the electronic refrigerator is only 5 degrees minimum, can not meet the preservation requirements of meat products, so the compressor car refrigerator 10 degrees to The stable cooling effect of minus 18 degrees can meet the needs of long-term storage of various meats and chemical reagents.