The type of car refrigerator

Release time:2018-11-10

The first category is a relatively early product. It ma […]

The first category is a relatively early product. It may not be suitable for a refrigerator because it does not have a cooling function. It only has a heat preservation function. When it is used, the items to be refrigerated must be frozen in the refrigerator and placed in an incubator. There is an ice pack. If you put it in an ice pack, you can keep it frozen for a short time. The advantage of this kind of refrigerator is that it doesn't consume electricity. You need to know that the electricity on the car is oil, and the price is relatively low. The disadvantage is that it can't be long. Keep warm and have less space.

The second category is a semiconductor car refrigerator. The cooling temperature ranges from -5 to 65 degrees. The advantage of this method is that it can both cool and heat, and has a small capacity.

The semiconductor refrigerator has two functions of cooling and heating: in refrigeration, it is generally lower than the ambient temperature by 10 to 15 ° C, and its heating temperature can be as high as 65 ° C; in addition, because the compressor is not used, the semiconductor refrigerator is also energy-saving. Environmental protection, no noise, light weight and other advantages, the market price is between 200 yuan and 1,000 yuan. The advantage of such a semiconductor electronic refrigeration car refrigerator is that the price is relatively cheap and convenient to use, and such products are represented by a cool bar refrigerator.

Semiconductor electronic refrigeration, also known as thermoelectric refrigeration, or thermoelectric cooling, is a refrigeration method that utilizes the "Peltier effect", and is known as the world's three major refrigeration methods with compression refrigeration and absorption refrigeration.

The third type is the compressor car refrigerator, which is bulky and is the mainstream direction of the development of car refrigerators in the future. The disadvantage is that the weight is heavier and more power-consuming. The compressors of domestic high-end compressor car refrigerators are mainly German, and the quality is better.

Compressor refrigerator has only refrigeration function, its refrigeration capacity can reach 18 °C, it can be controlled by section, it is not easy to damage, it can be cooled stably and effectively. In many high-end cars and standard cars, compressor refrigerators are used. The price is more than 10 times that of the same volume semiconductor refrigerator. The features are: 1. It can be applied to various voltage sources, whether it is 12VDC or 24VDC. The built-in power supply unit of the compressor car refrigerator can automatically recognize different voltages and adjust accordingly. 2. The medium-sized compressor car refrigerator has the characteristics of convenient handling and excellent internal and external dimensions. 3, compressor car refrigerator is most suitable for use in off-road vehicles, RVs, trucks, buses and yachts and boats. They can also be secured in the car if necessary. 4. The advanced car refrigerator special compressor provides super refrigeration power for our freezer. At the same time, its energy-saving features and mute function also enable our customers to enjoy the supreme enjoyment.

The compressor car refrigerator consists of compressors, condensers, drying filters, capillary tubes, evaporators and other components.

The charging type is that the 220V AC power can be used in the energy supply, and the 12V DC power can be used in the vehicle. It can also continue the cooling operation through its own power storage function without power supply. This is a good solution to the car refrigerator. The disadvantage of leaving the power outage