Vehicle electrical classification and precautions

Release time:2019-09-30

Vehicle-mounted electrical appliances refer to low-powe […]

Vehicle-mounted electrical appliances refer to low-power electrical appliances that are powered by automobiles and used in automobiles.
The vehicle-mounted electrical appliances are classified into two types according to the vehicle power supply system. One is a vehicle-mounted electrical appliance installed on a car circuit, such as a car rear-view navigation, a car-mounted video, etc., which is generally installed by a car manufacturer or modified by a vehicle manufacturer. There is also an in-vehicle electrical appliance that directly connects to the socket of the car power supply (cigarette lighter), such as a car mp3, a car refrigerator, a car vacuum cleaner, etc., which belongs to the vehicle-mounted electric appliance purchased by the owner himself.
There are many kinds of car electrical appliances. At present, there are common: air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, air pumps, car massagers, car refrigerators, car razors, car electric cups, car TVs, car DVDs, car GPS navigation, driving recorders, etc. .
1. Do not arbitrarily change the original car circuit, which may cause short circuit of the power supply and damage the electronic equipment.
2, if you need to modify, you must ask professional car maintenance personnel to install and debug to ensure safe driving.
3, should not be connected to high-power car appliances, may cause the car power supply burned.
4. It is not advisable to access too many on-board electrical appliances, which may result in insufficient power of the car.