What are the specific requirements for brewing beer for raw materials

Release time:2019-05-17

1, malt. If the malt baking temperature is insufficient […]

1, malt. If the malt baking temperature is insufficient and the moisture is more than 5%, excessive oxidation precursors are produced during malt storage and saccharification. Therefore, effective measures should be taken to control the malt moisture release to <5%, and the baking temperature to 85 °C for more than 3 hours.
2, rice. Rice as an auxiliary material, its fat content should be controlled. Rice with too much fat is not easy to store, easy to oxidize to produce fatty acids, and should increase the content of rice fat and fatty acid and the detection of rice freshness. Rice that has been shelled within a week should be used, and rice with unsatisfactory color development will never be used.
3, hops. The addition process is improved according to the variety of hops, the degree of freshness, etc., and is strictly stored in a cold storage. When using it, it should be used immediately. The storage time of hops in the saccharification room should not exceed 12 hours. Otherwise, the hops will oxidize themselves, resulting in uneven bitterness of the beer and the hairiness of the wine.
Try to use a variety of raw materials and accessories to ensure the consistency of beer flavor, such as Fama, Macao, Jiamai, domestic malt, etc., in a certain proportion, to avoid the quality of beer due to the instability of raw materials.