What is the difference between a car refrigerator and a home refrigerator?

Release time:2019-07-19

Nowadays, the car has gradually become a means of trans […]

Nowadays, the car has gradually become a means of transportation for many people, and most young people like to live in the car, so some cars are designed specifically for the car refrigerator to design a special space for the car refrigerator, then the same refrigerator What are the differences between car refrigerators and home refrigerators?
First, the car refrigerator can be shockproof and anti-shake, because the car refrigerator and the home refrigerator are placed in different environments, one is in the car, one is at home, so the car refrigerator will follow the car, then it must have Anti-shake and anti-shake function.
 Second, the protection of the battery, because the car refrigerator uses the power supply on the car, so in terms of energy supply, the car refrigerator should be set, when the refrigerator reaches the set value, it will automatically power off to ensure the car's normal operation.
 Third, the fall protection, when the car refrigerator is in use, the slight tilt generally does not affect its normal operation, but when the tilt angle reaches 45 degrees, it will automatically stop working, thus protecting the compressor.