When the car lives, there is a car refrigerator

Release time:2019-07-13

Today, each city has entered the natural sauna mode, an […]

Today, each city has entered the natural sauna mode, and they are all tempted to bring their own salt. Every summer season, air-conditioning and cold drinks are an indispensable part of urban summer life. And are you still driving around to find an ice cream shop? I managed to find an ice cream shop, and there is no parking nearby. Stopped the car and ran to the ice cream shop in the hot sun to queue up? Is it hard to buy ice cream and send it to your girlfriend or child? Has the ice cream been melted? OMG, these problems are weak, let's take a look at the correct lifestyle of the car in summer.
Compressor car refrigerator is easy to use, connected to the cigarette lighter, open the switch can be used, adapt to all models, freezing to minus ten degrees is also very easy, the price has dropped from the previous million to three or four thousand yuan There are even some entry-level cheap small compressor car refrigerators with a price of one or two thousand yuan. The owners can choose according to their actual needs.
Car refrigerators are mainly divided into compressor refrigeration car refrigerators and semiconductor refrigeration car refrigerators. The compressor car refrigerator can be cooled to a minimum of -18 degrees. It is the same as the domestic refrigerator cooling mode. It is equipped with a more expensive DC compressor, which is resistant to bumps and vibrations. Only this can save ice cream and other foods that need to be frozen. Parr effect refrigeration, the minimum can only be cooled to 5 degrees and up to 25 degrees below the ambient temperature, only suitable for refrigeration, the advantage is that you can also heat up to 65 degrees.